Teamspeak 3

The /g/eneral Teamspeak Server

We have a Teamspeak Server running since 2014 with a Non-Profit License; currently it’s one of the oldest active Teamspeak servers in Italy. The main language is italian, but english is also accepted in public channels.

You can connect at (default port, 9987)

Teamspeak 5 Homebase Beta

We are also hosting a Teamspeak 5 Server with Homebase (matrix) features you can connect at

Currently the TS5 & Homebase server are NOT for production use. You can still set the server as hombase and create chat channels (public & private) but it’s more intended for testing in it’s current state (serverfiles are new and mostly undocumented, also Teamspeak claims they are not ready fro production use).

Remember, just for testing, not for production, we might delete data at any time.

The offical monoculus testing channel is


Can I get a channel?

Yes! Just ask :D

Can I run a chatbot/musicbot on the server?

Yes, as long it’s not for spamming or harrassing users.

Is filetranfer enabled?

Yes; quota is fair share; please note that we regulary clean the files inside the channels. Do not store anything sensitive or important.