install gentoo darling!


Trivia: the server is in a old building in Isla Nublar, a remote island about 120 miles off the west coast of Costa Rica. justkidding

Stuff we host:

  • A OpenTracker for your torrent needs
  • Teamspeak 3 servers (7111, 7112, 9987, 1337)
  • A OTA server for a Android ROM
  • VPN tunnels using different protocols !
  • A TOR internal relay (12MB/s b/w, burst 24MB/s) atlas
  • xmpp jabber address (open registration)

What you can do:

You are free to use the announce server for your torrents, check this page for more!
Our TS3 are also free to use (main lenguage is Italian), you can find them on the following ports: 7111, 7112, 9987, 1337. We have a NPL license on 'tis ship!
Donate using bitcoin: 1Bxqgg4HGxtnYMEgVTBg6HNehuTqJRXC9R

Please, do not ask for SSH/VPN accounts.