Naughty List

Here at monoculus we run several IDS (intrusion detection systems) to detect malicius intents on our machines, we also employ several honeypots to detect IPs that could pose a threat to our network, so here comes the naughty list. Each time a bot (or a malicous user) will try to bruteforce, scan, exploit this or other systems part of the monoculus network it will get flagged and added to our database.

The naughtyList™️ script is open source and inspired by the deprecated fail2sql with support for remote reports to one central server and can also act as a honeypot logger library that can be included in any PHP file.


Get jails


Get IPs for all jails


Get IPs for specific jail


Unauthorized users are limited to see the top 50 offender by jail.


Help! My IP is listed here, I didn’t do anything nasty!

We will remove any IP in the list if you contact us and you have proof that the IP is clean again from any malicius software/user. Please send us a mail.

Can I view/search the full data?

Yes; we have an API for that, however it’s not 100% public, for full access please send us a mail. Public users can only see/query the first fifty worst offenders for each service name and check if a specified ip is listed.

Do you reset the data?

There are no plans for data auto purging, only manual requests. We might add a 3 months cleanup for offenders with less than 5 triggers (total) across each service.