runs a Wireguard VPN server for multiple use cases, bypassing network restrictions [universities, work places, public hotspots] and LAN Gaming between remote clients.

It also acts as a bridge between other servers that are part of the network.


  • Keep a fair use of the bandwidth, this server is connected with a 500Mbps↓/200Mbps↑ unmetred connection.
    • Limit your torrent client (or any other network intensive application) to a maximum of 50Mbps↓/10Mbps↑. There is no limit on data since the connection is unmetred.
      • This will not save you from the FBI/CIA/Polizia Postale and so on.
  • This VPN is not different from your home network. By default you can communicate with all connected clients, this is done by design. Make sure you computer firewall is set accordingly.

Forwarded ports:

If you need to port forward something ask the sysadmin. By default these ports are already available.

  • Bittorrent ports
    • 6881 to 6891 (TCP/UDP)
    • 6981 to 6991 (TCP/UDP)

Manual DHCP Table:

VPN network is

  • - This Server
  • - Abufinzio (US ARM Server)
  • - Hound (Italy, Storage Server/Gameserver)
  • - Clients.