runs a non-profit Teamspeak 3 server for it's communities. We have a NPL license since 2015 privided by Leprechaun.

We currently host 2 servers:

  • General Teamspeak Italia on port 9987 (default)
  • Leprechaun's community public server on port 7111

ToS for the teamspeak service:

  • You agree that your IP will be saved in our log files (usally for a few days until logrotate deletes the log).
  • You will not upload warez or illegal files using the Teamspeak3 file service.
  • You are allowed to use bots as long they are not malicious.
  • We like free speech, we DON'T tolerate violence. You can say your unpopular opionion as long it does not incite to commit a crime.
  • EU/Italian laws still apply here.


  • Andrea/luhf [sysadmin]
    • lupetto [at]
    • @lupetto on Twitter
      • Mauro/leprechaun [admin, NPL]
      • leproide [at]
      • Muninn