Like any service we have to collect some data to keep it running. We ❤️ and respect privacy, this is the data we collect (and don't collect):

  • Web Server
    • minimal HTTP logs (only 503, GET variables are stripped out); logs are cleared each day.
  • Teamspeak 3
    • IP and time when joining the server, mainly used to combact spam; logs are cleared each day.
  • Pleroma
    • Check the Pleroma page.
  • VPN
    • We do not store logs
  • Announce Server (Tracker Torrent)
    • No logs, database is in memory (non persistant mode), random ips are added in the pool.
  • XMPP/Jabber
    • We do not store logs, but your connection IP is saved in the database.
  • Any service with authentication

    • We use an IDS to identify IT threats to this and other machines under our network. IPs of those who attempt to bruteforce or hack our services will be shared with
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