runs a Misskey instance for ActivityPub microblogging. Currently the instance is open for signups at, this might change in the future to an Invite-Only model depending on server resources and also to incentivize the federation of ActivityPub systems.


  • No spam/blackhat SEO.

  • NSFW is fine as long is tagged.

  • Doxing and hacking between members of this instance is not ok.

  • No pics of visually underage lolitas/anime.

  • Anything that can be a serious crime in France (where this server is hosted) or the EU.

  • Resources [disk space mostly] is not unlimited; do not abuse server resources.

Privacy Policy

  • Your IP address.
  • Your browser's user-agent (and user agents of connected OAUTH clients).
  • Your e-mail address.
  • A username and encrypted hash of the password (+ salt) that you specify.
  • Every message you publish using the service including direct/private messages.
    • Remember that Misskey/Mastodo/Pleroma and any other ActivityPub service do not have any kind of E2E feature. Use PGP if you have to send sensitive information to someone or don't use ActivityPub at all.